Spiral Technology Joins the Air Force Accelerator Powered by Techstars

October 17, 2020

Spiral Technology, an augmented reality company headquartered in Singapore, was accepted to the third cohort of the Air Force Accelerator Powered by TechStars. The company is on a mission to simplify how the industrial workforce interacts with technical information.

Spiral builds a software platform for augmented reality devices that delivers information contextually when and where it is needed and powering technicians with the machine intelligence enabled by the new capabilities of the headsets.

From the first days of the program Spiral will join forces with VeriTX, a blockchain-based B2B marketplace for Industry 4.0, aimed to develop a comprehensive solution for aerospace maintenance. The resulting integrated solution will enable a service technician to order a part for delivery, or instantly license and 3D print the part through VeriTX's digital marketplace, right from within the Spiral AR maintenance system immediately upon discovery of the faulty part.

An integrated solution will help re-invent the approach to supply chain in Aerospace maintenance with blockchain technology underpinning the transformation,

said James Regenor, Founder and President of VeriXT.

The growing sophistication of industrial equipment, desire to capture intellectual property currently residing in the heads of experts, tightening cost controls and need for automated validation of complex technical operations trigger the need for smart virtual assistants for manufacturing and maintenance professionals.

Archiving expertise residing in the heads of key personnel, and combining that with historical maintenance information and technical references, then reproduced and displayed seamlessly and instantly to any technician anywhere are critical capabilities for retention of corporate know-how and readiness of military equipment and vehicles

said Warren Katz, Managing Director of the Accelerator.

The TechStars program will open the US market for Spiral while working with the Air Force will support our ambition to meet the standards of the most demanding of customers.

Augmented reality is ideally suited for industrial training and remote technical support,

points out Frank van Liempt, Head of Aerospace Solutions at Spiral.

While our platform also has these capabilities, we see tremendous scope for production solutions whereby the powerful headset sensors are leveraged for quality assurance

adds Frank.

The accelerator has a successful track record. Currently, in its third iteration, the 20 companies that have gone through the program have won more than $20 million in Department of Defense contracts for prototypes and products.

For more information please visit https://www.techstars.com/content/accelerators/air-force-accelerator-powered-techstars-proudly-announces-class-2020/

About Spiral Technology

Spiral develops an augmented reality platform for knowledge capture, maintenance training, correctness checking, and validation of technical tasks.

About VeriTX

VeriTX is a trusted digital commerce marketplace for buying and selling digital and physical assets and maintaining trusted maintenance and lease records.

About Techstars

Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Techstars founders connect with other entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, alumni, investors, community leaders, and corporations to grow their companies. Techstars operates three divisions: Techstars Startup Programs, Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Programs, and Techstars Corporate Innovation Partnerships. The Techstars accelerator portfolio includes more than 1,900 companies with a market cap of $25 billion. www.techstars.com

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