Unified Solution for Airfield Inspection

Current inefficient paper-based inspection flow
Airfield dashboard leveraging Mixed Reality and Digital Twin for data collection and visualization to dramatically speed up inspections and repair
Save estimated 2,900 person-hours per year for two-runway airfield

Airfield inspections suffer from a decentralized paper-based workflow that allows for multiple points of failure and inefficiencies. Spiral puts checklists and forms into an easy-to-use tablet interface to speed up routine reporting, eliminating the need for paper forms.

Inspectors are able to report damage by attaching coordinates (Lat/Long) to a centralized record. This greatly increases the situational awareness of all parties (civil engineering, environmental, safety, etc.) involved in the workflow.

The platform allows for attaching pictures to the report thus improving decision-making and helping inform subsequent corrective actions.

Spiral uses a Digital Twin that includes historical inspection data (e.g. Pavement Condition Index, PCI), 3D CAD model, real-time operational data, maintenance metadata, imaginary surfaces, elevation, etc.

With access to the Digital Twin through the tablet or an AR headset, operators are able to perform visually and algorithmically accurate obstruction analysis, leveraging sophisticated data tracking the condition of pavement, lighting, navigational aids, and barriers.

Civil Engineers and other airfield staff will be able to find the exact damage location instantaneously. Accurate visualization of the Temporary Construction Waivers (TCW) will speed up the evaluation for commanders.

Task Lists

Program step-by-step instructions guiding through the inspection process. Mark the checklist reflecting the status.

Media Layer

Take pictures and link them to the markers or recall historical pictures once added by someone. Add notes and assign custom properties.

Spatial Markers

Generate an unlimited number of virtual markers and place them anywhere in space tagging defects, parts, or machines. Resize, reposition, or delete markers with a hand gesture at any moment.

Streamline your business.
Better equipped personnel performs maintenance and troubleshooting faster reducing plant downtime and increasing utilization of equipment.