Report discrepancies contextually while inspecting the assets

Inspection data is not collected and accumulated consistently
Report discrepancies contextually while inspecting the assets
Total time to complete an average inspection decreased by 15%

Engineers can document inspection findings on the go while attaching notes and pictures to the digital twin model of the inspected part.

Spatial report and contextual placement of the documentation can take out the guessing of the handover between different crew, especially if they do not overlap. If the most recent procedures performed on the jet were not properly documented, it can force to redo the whole job or to take the wrong path requesting purchase of the expensive parts which can later be found unnecessary.

The system assists in performing borescope inspection of the jet engine. Cross section of the engine displayed in the line of sight will inform technicians what stage of the engine they are going through, what drums they are near, how many vanes they need to go back to get to the stage they need to etc. By following a virtual wheel chart mechanics can avoid counting blades manually

Graphical Overlay

Display 3D models, graphs, or heatmaps on top of the physical part. Derive insights at the intersection of the different systems.

Individual User Profiles

Segregate access to the data based on role, qualification level, or type of procedure.

Data Sources

Access any data stored in the ERP system or corporate knowledge base through API in real-time.

Streamline your business.
Better equipped personnel performs maintenance and troubleshooting faster reducing plant downtime and increasing utilization of equipment.