Get visual step-by-step guidance and verify correctness with automated quality assurance

Work instructions are complicated requiring extended training time
Visual step-by-step guidance and correctness checking with automated quality assurance
Total time to complete an average task decreased by 25%

Technicians can overlay the manufacturing instructions contextually saving their time when it comes to reading complex schematics. Instead of matching the numbered steps and color coding on flat drawings, the steps can be animated in three dimensions.

  1. Component number
  2. Material and source
  3. Component location
  4. Connection and testing guidance

The approach can be applied for a wide range of processes including manufacturing of composites, electronics assembly, or aerospace assembly.

We apply Machine Learning to track the location/presence of the components, in order to support quality control procedures instead of just relying on the memory of the operator.

Data Sources

Access any data stored in the ERP system or corporate knowledge base through API in real-time.

Individual User Profiles

Segregate access to the data based on role, qualification level, or type of procedure.

Streamline your business.
Better equipped personnel performs maintenance and troubleshooting faster reducing plant downtime and increasing utilization of equipment.