Spector MRP features

Distance Measurements

Reveal the distance from the marker to the walls, parts, tools, or other markers. Move the maker by the exact distance from a certain location.‍

Spatial Markers

Generate an unlimited number of virtual markers and place them anywhere in space tagging defects, parts, or machines. Resize, reposition, or delete markers with a hand gesture at any moment.

Media Layer

Take pictures and link them to the markers or recall historical pictures once added by someone. Add notes and assign custom properties.

Task Lists

Program step-by-step instructions guiding through the inspection process. Mark the checklist reflecting the status.

Graphical Overlay

Display 3D models, graphs, or heatmaps on top of the physical part. Derive insights at the intersection of the different systems.

Data Sources

Access any data stored in the ERP system or corporate knowledge base through API in real-time.

Individual User Profiles

Segregate access to the data based on role, qualification level, or type of procedure.