New paradigm for Industrial Inspections


Flag the issue with the marker in Augmented Reality


Describe findings by attaching digital notes and pictures
to the marker


Analyze digital records and resolve the issue together

Persistent Positioning

Marker coordinates in space are generated automatically and their location is saved permanently.
This provides accurate defect location to the repair crew and helps track status of the repairs.

Contextual Instructions

Depending on its location marker provides access to the relevant repair instructions and historical data.
It becomes a spatial quality record storing pictures, notes, and sensor readings over time.

Spatial awareness

Virtual markers automatically generate accurate defect location and support real-time digital disposition

Digital record linked to physical place

Availability of the inspection findings in simple visual form facilitates handovers between the teams

Layered visualization

Overlay of inspection results helps to identify problems at the intersection of different systems

Access to historical data

Mapping outputs of previous inspections on the physical objects uncovers the root cause of the problem and enables trend analysis

Main features
Distance Measurements

Reveal the distance from the marker to the walls, parts, tools, or other markers. Move the maker by the exact distance from a certain location.‍

Spatial Markers

Generate an unlimited number of virtual markers and place them anywhere in space tagging defects, parts, or machines. Resize, reposition, or delete markers with a hand gesture at any moment.

Media Layer

Take pictures and link them to the markers or recall historical pictures once added by someone. Add notes and assign custom properties.

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