Spector for Aerospace MRO


Part 145 maintenance organizations must meet strict repair turnaround time targets while adhering to the highest level of safety standards
Aircraft maintenance is a non-serial knowledge-intensive process with safety being a top priority for both civil and military fleets. To meet those high reliability standards, Part 145 organizations follow complex maintenance instructions, perform detailed inspections and conduct meticulous record-keeping.
Practical challenges include matching the latest revisions of the relevant maintenance procedures with a particular tail or engine and obtaining correct historical maintenance data for every subcomponent. During the work itself, improper handover between teams and repair stations leaves doubts about whether certain procedures were performed leading to the duplication of effort.


Spector empowers shop floor technicians with spatial computing allowing them to connect inspection records directly to the defect location
Marker coordinates in space are generated automatically. This provides the repair crew not only accurate defect location but also measurements of the size, area, and distance to other objects.
Pictures, videos, notes, and historical maintenance data are linked to the marker enabling stress-free engineering disposition. Availability of consistent historical data supports more sound trend analysis.
Depending on its location marker provides access to the relevant repair instructions and historical data. It becomes a spatial quality record storing pictures, notes, and sensor readings over time.
The algorithm helps to detect and classify surface defects while upon completing the repair the correctness is again confirmed via the automated system.
Availability of the spatial quality data in digital form helps to perform consistent trend analysis building the heatmaps of issues for a particular part type.